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Why does it make sense to do the web properly?

I often encounter the opinion when designing a website that it doesn't matter that much what it's going to be. All you need is a template a student creates it and that's it. I disagree. At a time when billions of dollars are spinning on the internet and the traditional billboard ad, flyer or marketer on the go is becoming irrelevant, the role of a quality website is becoming more and more important. Why? Did you know that even the older generation has learned to order online with the Covid pandemic? That a customer's decision whether or not to trust your brand is made by "googling" your company? Comparing yourself to your competitors has never been easier. The average user clicks through several websites with the service offered, often based on the look and feel of the site, loading speed or overall impression of the company profile. That's why we make professional websites. Because seemingly little things matter.

Matyáš Mandík
Founder of Pixelmate
We hired Pixelmate to create the Bikeflip Web App from the grounds up. They delivered a stable app that performed well from the moment we launched it.
Andrea Maranelli
Andrea Maranelli
Co-Founder & CEO, Bikeflip
The best thing about our collaboration was that we were working together towards the same goal. We wanted to make the best app on the market in our type of business
Miroslav Semera
Miroslav Semera
Zonky design lead
A young and bold company with great project mechanisms and knowledge of technology, be it web or mobile app development.
Michal Trník
Michal Trník
Patria Indigo
Pixelmate s.r.o.

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We are not "just developers"

When we design a new site, we think about who the user is and what they want to find on the site. What kind of feeling should they get from the site? What emotion are they supposed to take away? What goal is it supposed to accomplish? Why shouldn't they choose a competitor? These are the basic questions we address with clients first and foremost.

Design matters

Design sells. The user expects to be able to navigate your site easily, understand what your project is about, and find what they need. But how do you make sure they don't forget about your company? That's exactly what we address in web design.

The right platform

You don't want to worry about the website. You want it to serve you for years, without having to pay ongoing fees and service. You also want your website to not look identical to every other. These are all standards we adhere to during development.

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