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A word from the founder

We founded Pixelmate in 2013 with the idea of creating a place to collaborate with smart and talented people who are not afraid of hard and challenging work. Because we knew that building a successful digital product or startup isn't easy. It requires extreme dedication, a lot of hard-to-learn know-how and, most importantly, a well-coordinated team of pros who can pull together. Today we see that we have done exactly that. A family-owned company with a narrow specialization in software development for startups and interesting innovative projects. Clients big and small, many of whom have been with us practically from the beginning, as have colleagues in the company. We really appreciate it and thank all our clients and employees for their trust and perfectly done hard work.

Matyáš Mandík
Pixelmate co-founder


In order to sleep well, we must have everything in order. In short, we're dependable. What exactly do we mean by that? Regular communication, availability, fairness, punctuality. What we promise, we deliver.



When we do something, we do it properly. That's why we don't sell ready-made templates, we don't lend programmers, and when something doesn't make sense, we say it out loud.



We are very fond of long-term cooperation. We enjoy seeing a project grow under our hands and the unknown become known. We approach everything we do for you as if we were doing it for ourselves.


Human approach

We surround ourselves with people who inspire us and with whom we grow. We believe that if we aim for the moon together, we will end up at least in the stars.

As time went

The beginnings were not easy at all.

It took us several long months to convince our first client to cooperate. Fortunately, everyone, including the client, remembers it in good and the first app is still working well.

Then suddenly there was a breakthrough

Clients began to trust us and we needed to hire more people as the amount of work increased. So our team of enthusiasts grew by 6 programmers and 2 designers.

First big clients!

We would like to thank Deloitte, Czech Television or Cemix for their trust, which makes us very happy and we are already looking forward to other big projects.

Into a bigger one again and with a great view of the forest.

We are moving to our new offices in Prague 4 and we are growing like crazy. Later this year we will welcome our 30th member to the team.

In spite of COVID and empty offices, we get new interesting clients

We are helping to modernize the Zonky app and finishing the fintech app Indigo. In the meantime, a pandemic has taken the world by surprise. In the end, we came out of the crisis as well as possible and stronger than ever.

We are increasingly passionate about fintech and have been successfully helping startups even abroad.

The year 2022 was marked by expansion abroad. This time not ours, but that of our great client.

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