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Bikeflip - Platform for buying and selling bikes

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About the project

Bikeflip is an international startup dedicated to the online sale and purchase of bicycles. Interestingly, one of the founders of the project is one of the most successful bikers and YouTube celebrity Fabio Wibmer

We have been working closely with the client on the project for several years. We are constantly developing the project as the company grows and attracts further investment.

Assignment & Scope of Work

The founders of Bikeflip approached us around 2019 with the idea of creating an international, successful and unique product

Our task was to create a complete project from branding, architecture design, web application and mobile application. We also take care of the long-term development as the project grows exponentially.

  • Visual identity
  • Logo
  • Illustrations
  • Architecture
  • Design system
  • UX/UI Design
  • Web app
  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • iOS app
  • Android app


Visual identity, as the foundation stone

The name "Bikeflip" conveys the idea of a simple and effortless process for exchanging bikes, with the flipping aspect suggesting a streamlined and modern approach. This name positions the company as a fresh, user-friendly solution for the cycling market. This idea is fully supported by the visual representation of the logo symbol.

Word from the client

We hired Pixelmate to create the Bikeflip Web App from the grounds up. They delivered a stable app that performed well from the moment we launched it.
Andrea Maranelli
Co-Founder & CEO, Bikeflip

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