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Ferratum Bank

A new way of financing

Project introduction

A few words to the web application

Ferratum Bank has chosen us as a partner for design and development of P2P platform. It allows lending money among ordinary people without banks and credit companies, with very low interest rates. Supervision of debtors repayment or low interest rate is ensured by an independent intermediary.

ferratum wireframe
Popular way of financing

How did the development go?

The implementation of the P2P project lasted 3 months. However, as part of development and design work, we work with the client on a longer-term basis. The web platform serves people who are interested in investing and evaluating their money at different levels of investment.

Pixelmate team

Project leader

Ferratum Bank gave us the opportunity to work on an interesting project. We are very pleased with the revolutionary idea where the bank is not involved and people lend money to each other. Our task was to create a simple, easy-to-use, interactive and user-friendly web where users can quickly find all the necessary information.

Matyáš | Business development

  • Technical director: Michal
  • Project manager: Terka
  • Design lead: Andy
  • Frontend lead: Tomáš
  • Design: Zuzka
  • QA manager: Markéta
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