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Creating an online business in a nutshell

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We've put together some tips on how to start an online business.
Virtually never in the history of mankind has it been as easy to start a business as it is today. If you decide to set up a business online, the start-up costs are likely to be very low and certainly lower than setting up a traditional "offline" business. 
Let's take a look together at the basic topics and tips on how to start a business online

How to figure out what business to be in
The best business ideas come from your own needs. For example, we created a mobile app for a client who wanted to lose weight but lacked daily motivation. And how did it turn out? His app now helps thousands of clients with their daily motivation in losing weight.
Our next client is a successful fitness trainer. The problem was that she had to attend to her clients individually and couldn't keep up. Simply the demand for her services was greater than her time capacity. We created an online app for her to communicate with her clients in bulk and online, prepare workouts for them, and afford to be online with them for every workout.

Start simply
The best ideas are created through improvisation, on a relatively small budget, for a narrow target group. Does your business really need a bunch of employees right off the bat? Can't you outsource some activities? Do you need offices? In the beginning, there's often no choice but to turn your time into money. Put your efforts into the project and the results will soon come. 

Go for the chamber, have a go at the goal
Find out who your customer is. Think about the fact that people are willing to pay to solve problems. What is your client's problem? What need are you meeting? Love your clients and constantly ask for their feedback. It can point you in the right direction.

Remember the marketing
Do you have a great product? Now you need to let people know you're here. Without promotion, it's going to be very difficult these days. On the other hand - thanks to the internet, promoting your business doesn't have to cost millions. In most cases, a quality website and social media profiles can bring you your first online business. 

A few tips for online business in conclusion
Look around you to see what's trending today. What do people around you deal with, what do they value, what do you think has a future. Compare and ask - is it easier to become an online marketer or open your own restaurant? 
Are you the creative type, do you enjoy creating something and would you like to sell your handmade products? Maybe you find yourself making candles or bracelets? There are online platforms and marketplaces where you can offer these products. 
Are you really good at something? Do you program? Are you great at presenting? Do you understand marketing and promotion? Or other services? Maybe you could take online courses. 
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