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Application idea with specific tips

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Have you ever had a great idea for a new app that you thought no one would want? And did you ever find out years later that someone had implemented the idea and it was a great success?
Here are some tips on how to think about ideas and what to follow. Finally, we'll add some specific tips for online business.

1, The best ideas are not unique
Note that the biggest companies and the best businesses are often not very unique. You don't need to be original to succeed. You need to have a polished product, you need diligence and effort with good promotion. That's usually more important than the idea itself. 

2, An idea that comes from your own need
We hear the phrase a lot from successful company founders - "You know, I was looking for what we're doing in the market today, but I was bothered by this and that. That's why our company was created." 

3, What are my chances (doing in the initial market is better)
Note that it is much easier to break into new markets than highly competitive ones. Ask - will it be more difficult to succeed with a restaurant or an online business today?

4, Are you selling a commodity or service?
Try to make sure that what you do adds enough value. Don't try to sell what your competitors are selling. It is very easy to compare the price of apples. It is much more difficult to compare the price of an apple strudel or other apple product. 

5, Look for ideas that you can sell repeatedly
Online business carries a huge advantage over other businesses. In online business, you often sell a product repeatedly, and the cost of creating such a product is one-time.
Example: if you want to produce customized stylish soaps, you will have the labor and cost of producing each given product. If you create, for example, an online platform to connect people with a problem, you incur the cost virtually once.

6, Look around to see what people are complaining about
Business is fundamentally about solving people's problems. If you look at it this way, ideas will just flood in. If you focus on this, you'll be surprised how many problems people have and how often they talk about them.

7, Inspiration for 2024
  • The need for people to connect online is growing. It's not just about social networking and dating, it's about professional connections, problem solving, business networking. 
  • The concept of the marketplace is becoming widely understood. Notice how many people are looking for second-hand goods and services. What a demand there is for comparison and quick search services.
  • Artificial intelligence will offer companies greater efficiency and startups unlimited opportunities to implement new ideas.
  • We live in the information age. Information is at a premium. Few industries thrive more than selling know-how through online business. 
Do you have an idea for an app? Let's talk about it together!

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