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7 most common mistakes in mobile app development

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Mobile app development is a young and very specific field. We have been developing mobile applications since 2014. 
We've compiled the most common mistakes that everyone should avoid right from the start.
1. Having a mobile app is "cool"
Developing an app just because it's cool, or because it can be a very profitable business, doesn't make sense. Users today are very picky when deciding what app to download on their phone. If you are going into mobile app development, you should have a clear idea of why you are doing it and why the user should download it.

2. Users will find the app themselves

The days when a user could easily find an app in the AppStore are long gone. As in any other industry, you need to think about your marketing strategy for a mobile app.

3. Make an app for everyone
The first prerequisite for failure is when you're trying to invent an app for everyone. Success tends to be in targeting a specific group of users. Rather than being for everyone, try to be the best for a select group of people.

4. When the application is launched, the development ends
In practice, it's usually the opposite. On the contrary, the development of an application starts when it is launched. The common goal of the sponsor and the developers should be to launch the application on the market and then develop it according to the needs of the market and customers.

5. The bigger the app, the better
Sometimes we encounter requirements for really big applications in terms of functionalities. In practice, however, this is more detrimental than beneficial to the success of applications. The best practice is to have a minimalist application that can be further developed and features added according to market needs.

6. Technology doesn't matter
Are you considering making a PWA app as part of your savings? Or another hybrid? Beware. Unfortunately, although many developers still offer it, in practice such applications are practically useless for the user. It is only after delivery that any development is found to be costly or even impossible.

7. Underestimation of application design
The bar for what apps look like today is set by the biggest tech companies in the world. Users expect your mobile app to look as good as a well-known social network app or other service. That's why it's imperative not to underestimate mobile app design.

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