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We Designed and Developed an Online Auction Portal - Bid4auction

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About the Project

Bid4auction is an online web-based auction system. It is a complete custom software, and the portal specializes in art. The vision of the project is to open the world of art to everyone.

Task & Scope of Work

The goal of the project was to disrupt the stagnant market of online auction portals, where most similar projects have very outdated systems, opaque operations, and participation in the auction is not a pleasant experience. It was necessary to build a system that draws inspiration from the most modern projects abroad and brings the joy of auctions to us in the Czech Republic as well. Scope of services:

  • UX/UI Design
  • Consultation
  • Solution Design
  • Brand Creation
  • Back-End Development
  • Front-End Development


Bid4auction is designed completely from scratch. We did not want to build on old systems, semi-functional templates, or compromises. Therefore, we had the opportunity to design the application without compromises.

Key Functionalities

  • Simple, intuitive registration with verification for both buyers and sellers
  • Access for auction organizers, participants, and a large administration for auction management
  • Auctions can be planned, pre-auctions can be held
  • Sophisticated section for organizing auctions, uploading items, managing the auction
  • Easy filtering and comfortable participation in auctions
  • Useful features such as watchdog, live auctions, notifications, or exhibitor list
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