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Custom Fintech Application Development

Most Common Benefits of Custom Systems

Our biggest specialization is fintech applications. Most often, these are banking systems, fintech mobile applications, asset management applications, and systems for investment or credit companies.

  • Ability to address specific requirements and issues within the company
  • Increased efficiency
  • Easier communication with clients
  • Easier acquisition of new clients
  • Transparency and data management

Most Common Uses

  • Client portal for an investment company
  • System for a credit company
  • Reporting tool for family offices
  • Credit systems
  • Online tools for asset recording and management
  • Currency exchange systems
  • Crypto projects

Most Common Modules in Fintech Applications

  • Clear graphs and user dashboards
  • Client onboarding including AML verification and identity verification
  • Contract and document signing
  • Currency exchanges
  • Integration with banks and banking systems
  • Administration for application management
  • Mobile and web client interfaces
  • Financial transaction recording
  • Contract generation
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Integration with third parties via API
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