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Will artificial intelligence destroy us?

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Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic in recent months. Some are panicking, some are spreading fear and catastrophic scenarios, some are saying it is the absolute future. How do we at Pixelmate see it? 
We've put together a few of the most common questions and our purely subjective opinion on the matter charged to the year 2023. :)

Which industries do we think will transform the most?
We think it's going to be pretty individual. There are some industries where AI implementation is directly offered. We can think of journalists, lawyers, customer service agents, creatives and programmers. There will definitely be an opening between professional work and easy-to-learn work. AI will begin to compete with many professions.

What advice would we give to our young selves?
To adapt to the fact that whatever they learn will be constantly changing and transforming. The traditional approach to education will be increasingly marginalized. Information will be more accessible than ever before. On the other hand, empathy, the ability to connect things and people, to solve problems, to use new tools and to learn, will be highly valued.

Is this a threat? Is it a new tool? Should we be afraid of it?
AI will be a tool. Only our approach to AI will determine whether it becomes a threat or an opportunity. There will be plenty of people who will want to limit and regulate AI. Alongside that, there will be a bunch of people who will want to implement AI in everyday life, in business. They will want AI to make their jobs easier, to help them be more efficient, more competitive. 

When are we going to see that?
We think the transformation has already started. The first major milestone was the huge interest in AI. We are yet to see its practical application, the discovery of business models, and its implementation in individual industries on a large scale. It will definitely be something to watch, and in a matter of years.

Is it a buzzword and a trend that will pass or not?
There is a lot of hype around AI, no doubt it is a hot topic. But we think there's still time to determine the winners and losers. After all, AI has been used by a number of companies for several years. It's only now that the whole thing is coming into the public consciousness. Individual concrete applications are relatively early days.

Who can rest easy?
All those who do not regard their profession as a static matter that does not change. Anyone who understands that it is appropriate to learn throughout life.
We think there will be a constant demand for traditional crafts, handwork and precise, personal service. Ironically, a professional waiter doesn't have to worry about a job.

Will artificial intelligence destroy us?
We're calm on that score. The media often paints unnecessarily catastrophic scenarios. Times are certainly accelerating, the pace of development is increasing. But every innovation needs time and real-life application.

Did artificial intelligence write this article?
No. :) For now, we're writing it all ourselves. Although, maybe it would have written it a little better. :)

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