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The most common problem between client and developers

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It might be a bit unconventional, but we decided to share our opinion on what is the most common problem between a client and a developer or an entire team of developers from our perspective and experience.

We have been in the app world for over 10 years. In that time, we've talked to hundreds of app developers, business owners, and have interviewed at least as many programmers.

Today we're going to discuss the most common problem between client and developer. We've observed that the most common problem tends to be the differing goals of the project sponsor and the developers. While the client almost always wants to program a project quickly, cheaply, and wants the project to fulfill its purpose, programmers have a slightly different story.

The sponsor's goal is usually one of the following:
  • To make money on the new project.
  • To save money on the new digital project.
  • To enter a new business sector.
  • To solve a problem.
  • To implement their idea.

Often these goals are also intertwined.

On the other side are the goals of programmers or entire development teams that have opposite expectations. Most often these are:
  • It will be programmed in the latest trending technologies.
  • The task will be absolutely clear, described in a technically correct way.
  • The project will be cutting edge technology, the best code under the sun.
  • There will be enough time and funding for development.

But these two worlds often go directly against each other. While there is nothing wrong with thinking one way or the other, it is necessary to reconcile the two, to sort them out and understand each other.

In our experience, what works best?
We call this position “a translator”. :) A person who can think like a business owner, a product owner, who knows the exact plan and goal of the project. But at the same time, it has to be a person who knows the environment and perception of programming teams. He or she knows the problems in application development and can direct the client and at the same time correctly schedule the work of programmers so that the project is created efficiently, according to the correct specifications and with good quality.

What principles work best for us in practice?
  • The MVP approach - minimum viable product - more on this topic in the article.
  • Precise project specification and phasing.
  • The right choice of technologies.
  • Efficient and "no bullshit" development management.
  • A proactive approach - thinking for the client. 

This topic deserves to be discussed in much more depth, so we will definitely come back to it on the blog soon. :)

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