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Only open-air tech event TOA is coming!

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Next week is gonna be big. We are heading to Berlin!

We are going to Berlin to meet awesome people from the international Tech community. We want to discuss our visions and opinions with those who share the same spirit and energy. What is ahead of us? And what are we bringing?

 Tech Open Air 2018, Berlin by Tech Open Air Berlin on


What's our mission

TOA (The Future of Tech, Work and Life) is a technological conference that is held in different places all over the world since 2012.  The event has chosen Berlin as the only European destination for the third time and we can't miss it out.

We believe that technologies transform the way we work, the way we spend time and in general, influence the way we live. Improving the quality of life of people through technologies is the hot topic of the future and that's why we are so eager to discuss it and listen to the most inspiring speakers. Might be that our speech will inspire someone too, right? 

And if we preserve some energy, we definitely visit the legendary afterparty!

Photo: Stefan Wieland 2018 by Tech Open Air Berlin on 

The most important for us is the fact, that we are going to support our colleagues in the brave visions that we completely share. We wish to engage the biggest potential audience. With expected 20 000 visitors it definitely won't be easy.

Where are we going?

The whole event takes place in the Funkhaus zone in the former eastern part of Berlin on the Spree river bank. The building is designed in the Bauhaus style by architect Franz Ehrlich. The interesting fact is that between 1956-1990 the building was used for an east-german radio station. This place offers great space for the whole event that promotes clean design without useless promo materials such us roll-up banners, catalogs and paper business cards. We are on the same page here.

What is there for us?

The schedule is full of incredible workshops and keynotes that we can't miss. More than 150 tech visionaries are on the list with Matyas Mandik among them. Our CEO will deliver a speech about typical fuckups that startups do more often than one can imagine. Who deserves your attention in the first place, is Daniel Padgett who is working on engaging experience for Google Assistant services such as Home, Pixel and Wear. That's gonna be something! 

For TOA as well for us, ecology is a very serious topic and that's why we decided to hand out paper bags with herb seeds that will grow in the same fashion as every cool startup. That's much better than boring business cards, isn't?


How was it? You can read about it on our blog in a week. Could we meet in Berlin by any chance?


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