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How much does it cost to maintain a mobile app?

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Perhaps the most common question before developing a mobile app is - how much does it cost to maintain a mobile app? Let's try to answer it in a nutshell today.
App Store and Google Play fees
The App Store and Google Play cost money to run. Fortunately, it's not a lot of money. Google Play costs $25 once, and the App Store costs $99 a year.

Most mobile apps today need a server to run, which communicates with the app, provides it with data, and vice versa. Server costs vary widely depending on the nature of the app. The key parameters are - the size of the data transfer and storage, the number of users and their usage of the app over time and location. However, servers are commonly configured for clients and are recommended to be added as the number of users in the application grows. Often the initial cost of the server is low, in the order of thousands of crowns.

Third services and licenses
Mobile applications often use some third-party services. These are typically SMS gateways for user authentication, email services, notification servers or map services. Fees may be payable for such services. Therefore, it is important to discuss all third-party options when designing a mobile app and to consider the cost within the business model.

Every mobile app needs an update once in a while. Whether it is an update of the database, the server or the mobile application itself, for example, due to a new version of the operating system. However, the costs of such updates are usually in the thousands of crowns and are required every few months.

Application development
In practice, application development is usually the most expensive item. Creating and launching an app is usually the beginning. With the first users, we analyze their behavior, evaluate their requirements and help them maximize their goals.

Payment gateways
If a mobile app has payments, you need to account for fees. If it is a traditional payment gateway, there are usually fees between 1-3% of each transaction. It's orders of magnitude more for native payments from Apple or Google.

Maintaining and running a mobile app is by far not the most expensive item. On the contrary, clients are often surprised that the operation, compared to the initial development of the app itself, is relatively cheap.

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