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Application Development for Vision Pro - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm sure you've heard about this. Apple has come out with a new product. We think Vision Pro glasses will completely transform entire industries, especially the gaming industry and the way we consume content today. 
At Pixelmate, we see this whole thing as a huge opportunity for a whole new market of apps for these glasses. What are the most common questions about Vision Pro glasses? We answer the most common ones. Let's take a look.

  • Why do you think Vision Pro will be a revolution? After all, augmented reality has been with us for years and there are several promising projects on the market?
Apple is notorious for not entering the market with a product first. It only enters it when it feels that people are ready to adopt a new technology en masse and actually use it. It thinks about the product it launches in a practical way and offers the user an entire ecosystem of applications and uses so that the product can be used in everyday life. Up until now, augmented reality has been the domain of geeks and technology enthusiasts.

  • What do you mean by ecosystem? What will be the advantage?
The advantage of Vision Pro will undoubtedly be the integration of all Apple devices and the App Store, which will offer an unlimited range of apps. 
Each company will be able to reach users with its own Vision Pro app. The user will be able to make a virtual office anywhere. This is a huge opportunity for virtually every line of business and every modern company.

  • Is it possible to develop applications for Vision pro today?
Yes, you can. Developers have been given access to develop applications for Vision Pro. Development will be very similar to traditional mobile app development and with the first delivery of Vision Pro to the market, the App Store will have the first range of apps. At Pixelmate we already have a full team of developers in place and are testing the first apps.

  • How is it possible to develop apps before the product is out in the world?
Apple has made a simulator available for app testing. We can test apps for Vision Pro without having to have a physical device with us. We expect to launch the first apps soon after the first physical devices are delivered to market.

  • What kinds of applications will be developed first?
In our opinion, Vision Pro will initially impact the gaming industry, office tools and content consumption the most. We don't want to predict the future, but we think Apple will change the way we watch TV today, streaming platforms, and even social networks.

  • And what about the argument about price - after all, it's going to cost close to a hundred grand.
We're convinced that the first glasses will be bought by enthusiasts. Gradually, the technology will reach a wider and wider group of people. Vision Pro will not be the only model, and more affordable variants will surely emerge over time.
The price may seem high until you start to see the new glasses as a headset, MacBook, iPhone and TV all in one. After that, the price is already perfectly fine to be competitive.

We see Apple Vision Pro as a major, albeit incremental, revolution. If you're interested, follow us on social media, where we'll be revisiting the topic regularly. The topic is also summarised very well on Peter Mara's YouTube channel

Do you have an idea for an app for the new Apple Vision Pro glasses or something else? Let's talk about it together!

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