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Analysis: How will the mobile app market fare in 2030?

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How will the mobile app market fare in 2030? Does the industry still have something to offer? Are the unprecedented increases in mobile usage sustainable? 
That's exactly what the latest analysis from Sensor Tower, a leading provider of data on the digital economy, explores. In today's article, we summarise the highlights.

The report estimates that mobile app spending will grow by a whopping 267% between 2021 and 2030. Spending is projected to be $288 billion in 2030, compared to $171 billion in 2023.

Consumers are expected to download a whopping 2.9 trillion apps and games between 2021-2030.
The forecast mentions that the stagnation in the app economy between 2021-2022 was only a temporary chapter, and further significant growth is expected as early as 2024.

Revenue from classic apps is expected to continue to grow compared to revenue from games. In 2023, revenues from apps were "only" 37% compared to 63% from games. In 2030, revenue from apps is expected to be around 50%.

Clearly, mobile usage and time spent consuming content on phones is a big topic. We're not saying that predictions of fascinating growth numbers aren't a bit scary.

But we hope that over time, each smartphone user will find a healthy measure of when their time spent with their phone is a benefit and when it is an addiction.

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