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Looking for a GPT chat developer? How AI integration works

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The advent of artificial intelligence has gained a lot of attention recently. We think it's well deserved. Artificial intelligence, such as GPT chat or others, are undoubtedly a phenomenon of our time.
Countless startups as well as large companies are thinking about how to use it within their business and gain a competitive advantage. Even we at Pixelmate have been playing with AI practically since the beginning, when it was possible to integrate AI into a standalone project. 

The demand for the use of AI in applications is huge and increasing with every quarter. It's no wonder when hundreds of new startups are emerging today, offering a myriad of very interesting solutions and uses of AI.

By being one of the first to offer the general public the possibility of integrating it into their own project, GPT chat tends to be one of the most common connections today. Today, however, the possibilities for integrating AI into your own project are much broader.

How does the integration of AI into a project work?
Because GPT chat has open APIs, integrating artificial intelligence tends to be relatively easy. In practice, this works by creating a standalone web or mobile app, either as a separate project or as part of an existing app. This application then communicates with the AI, sends, receives and processes data, which it then displays directly in the end application.

What are the most common uses?
  • Target marketing and business models.
  • Digitization of company structures, documents and processes.
  • Text processing, text-to-speech and vice versa.
  • Data processing and prediction in the fintech world.
  • Chatbot integration.
  • Improving efficiency in business.

Most often, however, entirely new startups are created on the basis of AI to solve a specific problem. In the world of business and investment, it is often said that we are at the beginning of a golden age of new projects and ideas. Jaroslav Beck, a successful investor, talks about this topic in a very interesting way when he says: "I think this era will one day be written about in books as the golden age of startup entrepreneurship. Next year may not be the best economic year, but the opportunities that young people have now are groundbreaking. When someone says there's nothing left to invent, that's not true. On the contrary, everything can be invented now and implemented ten times better". You can listen to the interview here

We are heavily involved in integrating AI into our own projects. If you are interested in a particular integration, we can arrange a no-obligation consultation to discuss it. :)

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