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A few words from the founder of Bikeflip

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We recently received a few words of praise directly from one of the founders of the successful startup Bikeflip. What did Andrea Maranelli have to say about the project and what does such a project look like from the founder's side? 
"My name is Andrea Maranelli and I am the co-founder and CEO of Bikeflip - a bike and accessories marketplace. I founded it together with Fabio Wibmer and Nicolai Holder. Bikeflip was founded in 2021 and back then we really had no idea how to develop software. That's why we found Pixelmate and decided to start working with them. Working with Pixelmate, we didn't hit a single snag despite the fact that we were creating the project during the COVID era.
With their know-how, we were able to take our big ideas and then turn them into software. I have to say that it worked out very well and we were able to create exactly what we had in mind together. Bikeflip has been online for over a year now and we are really happy with the result. We have achieved every goal we wanted and have gotten over 10,000 bikes logged on the platform. 
We can't wait to see where the platform grows in the coming months and years. Creating a startup sounds like a really cool thing, and it is a cool thing, but it's definitely a challenge. Think about your goal, focus on it, and you'll get there. :)"

Do you know Bikeflip? So far the project is running abroad, but maybe one day we will see it here. :) 

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