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10 most common questions before app development

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We've compiled the ten most common questions our clients ask us before starting mobile or web app development. Let's get started.
1, What will I need to get started with app development?
On the client side, there should be a comprehensive view of what the app should be able to do. Who should use it? Should the app make money? All these topics will be discussed in personal meetings afterwards. Don't worry, you don't need to have anything technical ready, we can help with everything.

2, Does the app have to be for both iOS and Android?
It doesn't have to. Mobile apps are often developed for one platform first, then the other platform is developed after the launch. However, it's often better to develop an app for both platforms because they have a large presence with one target user group.

3, Is it better to make a web app or a mobile app?
The short answer is - it depends. Sometimes it is better to launch a project on the web, of course with mobile adaptation. Sometimes a mobile app is more appropriate. A simple tool can then be a question - where are your users likely to be? Are they more likely to see your project on a mobile phone or will they be browsing the web? Sometimes we also come to the conclusion that it's best to create both a mobile and web app, even with slightly different functionality. 

4, How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?
If you are developing a bespoke mobile app, the price can always be estimated after you and your technical partner have created a detailed brief. It's exactly the same as when you build a customized house. If someone tells you the exact price early on, they pass on the risk that the price will change during development or you won't get what you wanted at the beginning.

5, How much does it cost to run the app?
Running a mobile app doesn't tend to be very expensive anymore. However, it is quite individual. However, we try to develop mobile apps as maintenance-free as possible. We avoid expensive licenses wherever possible and program apps in technologies that are relevant to today's times. Older technologies can require far more complex maintenance than robust and modern programming languages. To answer the question, running an app usually requires a sheer fraction of the costs associated with developing it.

6, How do applications make money?
This is a very broad topic and there are a number of monetization options. Most often today, apps are monetized on what is called the freemium model, where part of the app is free and part of the content or app is paid for. Another common source of income is advertising or partnerships with other companies. Very often, however, apps are built with a view to future exit, i.e. selling the app to investment groups or large companies. 

7, How can I get the app on the App Store and Google Play?
In order for anyone to download the finished mobile app, it must be uploaded and published to the App Store and Google Play. This is a fairly complex process, but one that we, as developers, usually help clients with. Each app then has to pass approval from Apple and Google. 

8, Should I run the app globally or locally?
There are several different views on this topic. In our experience, it's as individual as possible. Sometimes knowledge of the local market and limited competition is an advantage, as foreign services are often not yet available in the Czech Republic. On the other hand, it is sometimes sensible to launch a project directly in developed markets where there is a larger or more mature target group. 

9, In which programming languages will the application be developed?
We try to choose languages that are not outdated and at the same time are not a trendy, short-term technology that no one will even remember in a few years. Choosing the right technology is key. Make sure there are enough programmers for the programming language or that the developers are not unnecessarily expensive. 

10, Can you help me with the maintenance and development of the application?
Most applications are taken care of after launch. The initial development of the app is usually just the beginning. After launch, we evaluate data, marketing strategies and consult on further development and expansion. 

Do you have an idea and a lot of questions about it? Let's talk about it together!

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